Zalza Teens


Zalza is an affordable organic fashion brand for teens and kids in the age group of 9 to 21. The store design scheme is conceptualized around the ethos of ‘presenting organic fashion in a fun way’. This design scheme is defined in a palette of wood, fabric panels and pop colors to create a visually engaging store environment. Installations like the ‘fun cotton tree’, the ‘kaleidoscopic cotton fabric wall’ and the ‘brand speak wall’ present a compelling narration of the brand story and instagrammable opportunities in the store for its young visitors. Visual Merchandising adds a lot of physical cues in the store with fun props that use natural materials, such as cup-cakes, candy bunches and cotton packing crates. Mannequins and busts are used to feature Zalza’s colourful core organic offerings in the store windows, the mid floor and wall feature points. The brand communication adds to the story telling with interesting information about organic fabrics, brand Zalza and its passion for organic clothing. The cash counter is designed, unlike a conventional one, in a casual workstation format to give the ‘brand speak wall’, it features behind, the deserved prominence. The trail rooms are also specially designed and artily embellished with specially designed signage, graphics and garment hooks to add quirky twists to the brand story.
Overall, the store design and visual merchandising elements come together to deliver a fun and differentiated brand experience of Zalza for the young organic clothing fashionistas.

Location : Bangalore, India

Store Size : 760 sft