Thirumala Silks


Thirumala Silks, established in the year 1976, is famous for its exclusive range of Kancheevaram pure silk sarees. Kancheevaram is a famous place in South India famous for the art of weaving silk sarees weaved predominantly from pure mulberry silk thread. Brand Thirumala Silks has been popular as a destination for silks and wedding sarees because of its exclusive quality and the trust it has gained with its patronage from its inception. The store offers an exclusive range of silks which are mostly hand crafted, woven and made out of pure zari (a type of gold thread used decoratively on ethnic Indian clothing).
The design brief was “To design a flagship destination to offer a premium updated new age traditional store experience in an environment that complements the exquisite collections offered by brand Thirumala”.
The store design was conceptualized with inspirations from Traditional South Indian architecture interpreted in the context of today in its façade and interiors to suit the personal selling strategy of customer service of the brand.
The store design palette in terms of form and materials are a combination of the classic and contemporary. The double height store front in designed with this ethos using a combination of contemporary glass panels encased in traditional finished columns and beams. Closed back windows help present distinct stories of the stores key offerings. A traditional arched entrance with brass temple bells welcome the guest into a traditional shopping experience.
The store is spread over two levels with their key category of special occasion sarees, Kancheepuram special formal wear, on the ground floor and the upper floor featuring the casual fashion wear sarees in silk and blended materials.
A clean marbonite flooring is designed with highlights in parquet and granite highlight overlays. Patterned and textures ceilings that mirror these flooring highlights help demarcate specific special zones in the store.
Impressions of the traditional architectural embellishments inspired from traditional sculptures, wood carvings, filigree and textures are used in the environment design to create a premium back drop to deliver the ritualistic experience of saree buying.
The store visual merchandising is supported with props and details that help add the authentic touch to the concept. Weaving tools in the staircase well, brass temple bells, ornate frames add authenticity to the traditional overtone of the store design language.
The store’s service strategy is personal assisted selling across mid-floor counters made from premium materials with a padded top that help add the premium touch to the sarees opened on them and the service rendered in doing them. Perimeter wall ‘wardrobe’ units in solid wood add the classic rich touch to the exquisitely crafted sarees presented in them. Subtle visual cues are given with backlit visual panels that feature key designs and styles in the store offerings.
The lighting concept is a combination of LED accent and soft ambient lighting. The lighting, delivered with 3000K temperature, helps to sharply enhance the festive colors and the gold weaves in the sarees.
The service areas like the lounge and the cash counter are designed to complement the premium experience of the store with the use of rich materials in the design language of the store concept.

Location : Bangalore

Retail Area : 3000 sft