Sri Sai Kanchi boasts of decades of mastery in traditionally woven sarees inspired from south Indian culture which is very strongly woven with religious beliefs that are interpreted in exquisite art and architecture in temples in the region. The store specializes in premium woven ‘Kancheepuram’ sarees, ‘Banaras’ sarees and ‘Everyday fashion’ sarees which is presented and sold in an environment inspired from south Indian temple art and architecture.
This ethos is manifested at the store front design that gives a strong visual cue of saree weaving art interpreted in classy subtle forms with a modern tech twist. The composite aluminum clad store front is made to look like a festive saree sprinkled with “saree bhutta” patterns and a temple motif saree border pattern that is edge-lit with color changing kinetic lighting. The logo is made of brushed and edge-lit brass letters that create an elegant and luxurious look.
A carved main door inspired from traditional temple ‘Garbagudi’ doors embellished with ornate brass knobs lead into a carved wooden trellis that separates the two main zones – the Lounge Zone and the Service Zone. A material palette of stone, tile inlays, carved wood, brass and woven fabrics add very strong visual cues to the brand’s narrative.
The lounge features a vintage temple sofa setting highlighted with a chandelier and terracotta floor tiles with traditional motifs inlays and an installation of vintage grooming tools on the wall.
The saree service area is conceptualized from a unique design signature that is created from the silhouette of temple architecture interpreted into ‘wireframe sculptures’ using reinforced concrete steel bars finished in copper metal ‘enveloped’ on stone finish columns and the ceiling. The flooring complements the story telling with the use of traditional ‘sadarali’ stone slab flooring traditionally used in temples.
Saree display fixtures are a combination of free-standing traditional wooden wardrobes, padded counters and service seating that give the impression of a vintage rich Indian home. Carvings and inlays in the furniture and specially woven upholstery fabric help in detailing out the story for the brand. Ceiling highlights are created in the saree selling counter in the form of ‘silk saree light troughs’ that have ‘temple bell’ brass pendent light fixtures.
The key role of visual merchandising in the store is to add credibility to the brand story telling with installations, props and traditional textile art from south Indian temples. Crafted classic samples of woven sarees are specially framed and presented in the seating lounges. Black and white ‘vintage style’ imagery from heritage of temples are used to create a memorable story for presenting and selling the specialized assortment in the store.
The store service format is a fully assisted type with every customer entering the store being serviced seated across padded service counters where master saree salesmen unfold an average of about 20 sarees for every one that is sold. The store lighting concept is designed to make this saree buying experience a very special one with 3000 Kelvin temperature to ensure a rich rendition of the fantastic product color palette with a sharp 1500 Lux intensity. Ornate chandeliers, with flame impression lamps, add the aspirational ambience to the environment.

Location : Hyderabad

Retail Area : 2500 sft