Simon Carter


Express Avenue Mall Chennai   |    930 sft

Simon Carter is an iconic British Designer who started off know as ‘the king of cufflinks’ and then grew into crafting a full range of men’s formal and casual clothing. His unusual design sense comes from his acute ability to look at the world with the freshness of a child using his vast & varied experience. His mixed sense of humor & quirky musings interpreted in his design sensibilities has been an inspiring influence for the ‘Art of Dandy Dressing’.

Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd brings Simon Carter to India to offer complete ensemble solutions ranging from formal wear to casual wear.

The store design strategy was conceived to bring to life the design ethos and imagination of Simon Carter in a sophisticated British quirk character. The store offers a unique experience proposition of the unexpected in the interior, visual merchandising, communication and customer engagement. The customer journey is created and staged in zones such as, ‘The Announcer’ (the store front, which is designed to be easily reconfigurable), ‘The Ante Room’ (the window and entrance), ‘The Dandy Parlour’ (the merchandising area) and ‘My Cuppa Tea’ (the trial & service lounge). Each area has its own unique character based on the different musings and the personality of Simon Carter. Gervaise, Simon’s imaginary pet dog which is fun persona of a British gentleman and a dandy, is involved in every ‘dialogue’ in the store experience in 3D forms, silhouettes and comic strips. Element of déjà vu like a vintage radio, walking sticks, turntables and graphics wrapped mannequins serve as fixtures to complement style statements and surprise customers in the store experience journey. Digital projection is planned on a books installation wall to animate Simon Carter’s unique design and product imaginations.  Overall, the unique experience proposition of the brand delivers a truly differentiated brand signature to Indian fashionistas like never before.

4D’s scope – Store design, VM, Graphics and Communication and PMC services