Proline was launched in 1983 by two national level tennis players Rajesh and Rajiv Batra with the objective of ‘helping people achieve their wellness objectives’. The endeavor was to innovate and offer smart, tech and functionality, solutions for enjoying active lifestyles in its specialty range of Polos, T-shirts, Track pants, Shorts and sweatshirts for the young, agile and fun loving.
The store concept was designed around a customer’s active athleisure lifestyle moments. The journey starts from the front open window zone called ‘CHEER’ that depicts the joy of staying fit. The ‘EXERCISE’ and ‘PERFORM’ zones feature the athleisure and performance merchandise assortments planogrammed with consultative communication. The ‘ADVICE’ points across the store feature the technical innovations in product design with advisory information about the featured merchandise. A digital assistant is also integrated in one of these points in a highlight feature, a basketball board and hoop.
The store design is conceptualized with inspirations from an ‘Urban sports café’. Clean lines and visual cues of sports and active lifestyle are rendered in the store’s palette of clean metal, mesh, wood surfaces, artificial grass and concrete. Visual Merchandising and communication help add credibility to the store telling in the environment with installations of sports equipment like seen in a sports café. Communication complement the merchandise presentation to help shoppers makes informed decisions when browsing in the store. The trial rooms concept, which features a callout for contacting sales staff for assistance, is inspired from sports lockers and the cash counter from weight training equipment in a gym. Overall, the store is a friendly lifestyle setting for buying innovatively created merchandise suiting an active lifestyle for all.

Location : Mumbai, India

Store Size : 600 sft