Madura Coat


Ambasamudram, Tamil Nadu,INDIA   |  660 sft

Since 1750s UK based Coats is the world’s leading industrial thread manufacturer and a major player in the world’s textiles crafts market. Madura Coats Private Limited manufactures and distributes cotton and synthetic thread, yarn and industrial fabrics and operates as a subsidiary of Coats. To keep in step with the times in terms of delivering experience and engagement at this key brand touch point, they opened an experience center at their four decade old factory in Ambasamudram, located in the state of Tamil Nadu. The objective was to create an environment to experience and evaluate their special application categories like Apparel & Embroidery, Kite Flying & Industrial Trims, Performance & Specialty, Leather Garments & Goods and Footwear.
The design strategy was planned at two levels. The first, to celebrate the culture, architecture and art in the region through store architecture, forms and patterns. The second, to deliver consultative information across categories through demonstrative touch and feel display supported with messaging and meaningful digital display. The store design helps deliver the first objective and the second is achieved through visual merchandising. The product features and benefits are communicated using stylized inspiring textile based installations of materials, products and processes.
Visual merchandising and communication help tell product stories to visitors with great clarity at many strategically placed focal points. The store fixtures were created to be very flexible for staging different product and manufacturing stories in the store. The lighting scheme is ‘boutique’ type to give the feeling of a special gallery.
4Dimensions was commissioned to create the concept and see it through in the design realization at the location in the factory.