Indian Terrain Fashions Ltd


Chennai,  INDIA | Area: 3000 sft

Indian Terrain Fashions Ltd., a popular fashion brand based in Chennai India offers premium workwear and smart-casual clothing for the cosmopolitan, mature and upwardly-mobile man. Recently the brand set out to redefine its brand experience at its store to bring in clear differentiation from competition in that domain.

The design strategy is based on the three tenets of the brand Indian Terrain – The Spirit of Madras, The Attitude of American Sportswear and the Tradition of a Yale achiever. This was interpreted into the store design in its interior build and fit-out palette, the communication and the visual merchandising. The customer journey was planned to Inspire, Inform, Present and engage. Architectural elements, inspired from colonial Madras, were used to create a distinct signature for the brand. The store was clearly zoned as the Brand Threshold, the Style Engagement and the Man Cave lounge. The store environment is created in an honest casual palette of exposed brick, wood and earthy colors. Fixture complement this look in a mix of metal and natural wood with highlights in classic cane woven panels and forms inspired from Madras’ Colonial design ethos. The visual merchandising has a collection of signature props that are associated with the brand and the Indian Terrain man. Graphics in the Man Cave are inspired from famous Madras Check.

4D was commissioned for creating the new store environment concept and helping realize it in its new store locations.