Home Improvement

Design Brief:
Godrej Interio is the Furniture Arm of the Godrej Group which offers furniture solutions to suit the sensibilities of the new generation consumer catering primarily to home, office, healthcare, education and training institutes. Cuisine Regale is a super speciality experience centre for the Kitchen range of solutions of Godrej Interio.

The design brief was “To create a premium experience center for the hi-end kitchen solutions of Godrej to help present its differentiated features and benefits of the range of design possibilities to influence the discerning customer in making informed decisions”.

Design Strategy:
The design strategy was to create an environment that is inspiring, minimalistic and chic that complements the presentation of the premium kitchen design solution possibilities and consultative services of brand Cuisine Regale.

Design Concept:
The store enables visitors to experience the products and solutions with the assistance of interior design and advisory services to help make informed decisions.

The single level store is planned and designed to lead the customer from one solution to the other along the common aisle that ensures that all the featured design solution possibilities are experienced by the customer.

The ‘design studio’, where customers and cuisine regale’s designers huddle together to discuss and co-create custom solutions, is located with great line-of-sight from the store entrance and is visually demarcated with a wooden grid ceiling and an in-lit fabric ceiling that renders a softened ambience. The studio enables the customer to touch and feel different finishes, materials, colours and components and make informed decisions to design and build the customised kitchen they aspire for. A digital screen helps make this process convenient and efficient by displaying the co-created virtual kitchen created with a user friendly software that allows drag and drop of their solution possibilities on a screen. The studio has two setting- a bar stool type informal seating and a lounge seating format to suit customer preferences.

The material gallery has detachable panels that can be removed to be used in the table discussions.

The instore imagery is kept simple and meaningful so as to act as a complement to the store ambience.

The lighting concept is a combination of primary accent to highlight the design features of the solutions and a secondary soft ambient lighting to bring in the warmth of a premium home. The color rendering index of the light was carefully planned to show the colors and textures for the product surfaces in the best and true form.
All the kitchen settings and solutions displayed in the store were also designed and developed as part of the store design concept along with the Client.

Location : Bangalore

Store Size : 2250 sft