Chumbak is a vibrant & cheerful Indian Brand born out of love for India offering unique design in products that are created to delivery ‘smiles and happiness’.
The brand offers a product line for home improvement, Kitchenware, footwear, fridge magnets, key chains, t-shirts, bags, pens, books inspired by the India that we see every day. The Brand stands of diverse visual experience hence rendering each store environment design different and new from the existing ones. ‘Make it a happy place!’ is the Store Design philosophy in which cool and funky kitsch comes to life in vibrant coloured forms in the eclectic signature store design of Chumbak flagship store. The visual treat extends from the storefront into the store in exciting coloured interior, iconic props and stunning visual merchandising creating an unforgettable store experience. 4D design team created this award winning experiential brand environment and helped realize the same.

Location : Bangalore, India

Retail Area : 2500 sft