Black Berrys


Soaring on the wings of the firebird

How Blackberrys future readies itself for todays fashionistas
With a heritage of 25 years since their humble beginnings in the bylanes of Chandni Chowk in New Delhi, the brand is toady a leader in the men’s fashion category. Recently, the brand set out to update its brand proposition to be in step with the new age ambitions of their core consumers by creating products and a shopping experience that ‘cloaks them in confidence that inspires them to keep winning’.

The new brand identity and attitude of ‘burning drive’ is carried on the wings of the powerful ‘firebird’. The store design objective was to interpret the burning drive of the Blackberrys’ man into a space that inspires him to rise above his peers. The environment persona was created in close collaboration with the brand’s DNA and the core consumer’s aspirations to ‘keep rising’.

This was conceptualized and realized in the new flagship ‘House of Blackberrys’ store in Himayatnagar in Hyderabad. The concept was designed in 2310 square feet spread equally over two levels. The lower level houses Blackberrys Casuale and Urban to highlights its dominant presence in the semi-formal and casual wear segments. The upper level houses its popular mainline Blackberrys range.

The store concept was curated to present each of these fashion concepts in their own distinct language addressing different life goals and related by the common DNA of Blackerrys. The overall store concept design concept is inspired from a ‘Smart Business Café’ rendered through architecture, materials palette and visual merchandising that come together to create a unified and distinct store design signature that cues the ‘keep rising’ story.

The store front is designed in bold modern architectural lines created in a configuration of double height fluted aluminum and in-lit acrylic with the backlit logo integrated in sharp contrast.

The store interiors are inspired from visual cues of the elements of the smart business café in its interior design, furniture, fixtures and visual merchandising. The spatial palette is created in a sharply contrasting premium palette of creams and dark classic brown with dashes of blackberrys accent orange. The spacious layout allows for leisure browsing through the store with each category being highlighted with floor ‘fashion staging point’ complemented with ‘style spots’ that draw attention to lifestyle statements on perimeter ‘style wardrobes’. Installation using props like bell jars, trays, wooden serving boards, cocktail bottles, mugs and pastry cases help in drawing special attention onto special products and fashion statements.

The mainline Blackberrys takes on the leading language of the store with its fixtures coded in a premium café’s design impressions rendered in the display tables and cutlery station like storage cabinets complemented with a wooden highlight on the ceiling above the fashion staging point in the heart of the store to add the warm sophistication to the fashion environment.

The travel lifestyle of the Blackberrys Casuale customer is expressed in the brand’s zone in a subtly different ID in the fixtures and visual merchandising with tasteful retro cues of premium classic luggage and vintage planes models. The Blackberrys Urban area, features its ID inspired from ‘New York’ streets coded in the material palette, fixtures and visual merchandising language.

The double height area is embellished with a stylized and backlit fluted ‘fire bird’ logo and graphics that compel walk-ins on the upper level visually encouraged by a modern arty chandelier installed on a premium wood paneled ceiling.

Inspiring in-store ‘brand speak’ communication urge the blackberrys man to keep rising in every walk of his life. A boutique lighting concept presents the store environment as premium and special social place by drawing attention to the story telling elements in the store.

Overall, the store design is coded to present a very differentiated environment that delivers an emotive, aspirational and sensorial experience to the Blackberrys customer of today.


Retail Lighting: PLUS LIGHT
Decorative Lights: LIGHT ZONE
Mannequins: INDO NIPPON
Store Build Contractor: SOURCE ONE
Photography: INFOCUS (ROSHAN)

Location : JP Nagar Bangalore, Bengaluru, India

Retail Area : 1300 sft