Home Improvement

HomeLane.com, an organized tech-based start-up that provides fixed customized furniture and home interior solutions, has recently upgraded its brand experience by upgrading it brand imagery and expanding its network of physical experience studios. The new experience studio was designed to deliver an upgraded and professional experience to complete the online experience of shopping by enabling ‘touch and feel’ of the key offerings as required by buyers of high involvement investment products. 4D was commissioned to conceptualize this offline experience studio to offer a great omni-channel service environment for customers to discuss with a panel of interior designers, make informed decisions on materials and co-design exclusive solutions to suit personal tastes.

The design principles applied were that from a lifestyle Home improvement concept incorporating design elements addressing very specific brand, service and operational needs of Homelane.com customers who largely visit the space on invitation. A signature store front was conceptualized to draw in the walk-in footfalls.

Aspects like Traffic flow, branding, product information, meeting rooms, model areas have been planned and incorporated is four clearly demarcated zones. The zones are led first by the smart home concept on a raised platform that features a complete set of apartment furniture fitted in a bedroom, a kitchen, a living area and a crockery section. The next zone features many individual options for solutions of living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms. The third zone is the material and finishes library which is followed strategically by the fourth, the service zone with a cluster of meeting rooms and a conference room. A thoughtful kid’s play area is planned to keep kids engaged while their parents are engaged in discussion with the interior designers in the meeting rooms. A material library helps present the material and finishes offered by Homlane.com and the same is strategically located next to the meeting rooms.